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SPEEDY AMAZING CARPET CLEANING focuses on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. We are licensed and insured and combine our intimate industry knowledge with state-of-the-art deep cleaning technology.

When it comes go carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Wichita and surrounding areas, we use only non-toxic chemicals. Our technicians have the skills and equipment to meet all your carpet and upholstery maintenance needs.

Our  technicians take the time to understand your carpet and to provide excellent service. We pride ourselves on carefully evaluating your carpet and your needs. We pay special attention to high traffic areas and problem spots.

We use a truck mount the state-of-art carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning technology. With quality you can count on, and our fantastic affordable prices, SPEEDY AMAZING CARPET CLEANING is your source for your carpet cleaning needs. Truck mounted systems have a more powerful vacuum for better removal of the cleaning solution and soil.

The cleaning solution is applied with the correct pressure to facilitate soil removal, but prevent overwetting.

Find out more about our carpet cleaning services >

A quick response is very important to minimize damage to your home if you have had the misfortune of flooding. We are located in the community and are ready to respond quickly at any time to remove excess water and dry your home.

Standing surface water may contribute to mold and mildew growth and poor indoor air quality. Carpet warranties may also be affected by standing water. Our technicians have many years of experience in dealing with all types of water damage and know what to do to return your home to its healthful, pre-flood condition.

Water damage to a house or industry can occur in many ways.   Even the most solidly built and well-maintained home can be damaged by a violent force of nature, such as a flood or tornado.  In other situations, a water pipe may burst, or a sump pump may malfunction while you’re away on vacation and do serious water damage to your home and possessions.  So there’s no way to predict exactly how a water-related emergency might occur. Find out more about our restoration services >

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